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BCE is located in Western Wisconsin. With our partnerships across the country, we can assist any generator of waste with pickup, transportation, and recycling/disposal service. We continue to grow so please contact us to see if we are able to assist in keeping your costs low while maintaining a high level of liability protection. You may submit your request by this form or contact us at the numbers below.

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Best Choice Environmental, Inc.

102 3rd Avenue E., Suite 100

Knapp, WI  54749


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(715) 579-3917 or (651) 249-8508


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Best Choice Environmental has partnered with many specialized waste handlers across the country.  We can manage your paperwork regardless of your location or the location of the final disposition facility for your waste.  If your material is Hazardous or Non-Hazardous, Best Choice Environmental will find the proper, best to protect your liability, facility for your waste.  If your facility is located directly in our market or you have subsidiaries within our market area, BCE can assist each facility with its waste handling requirements.  All paperwork will be able to be accessed online to assist in each company's reporting requirements. 

 102 3rd Avenue E., Suite 100, Knapp, WI  54749

Best Choice Environmental, Inc.